Parson Drove Surgery

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About our PPG

Locally known as “The Parson Drove Patient Group”

The group works to forge a link between the practice and the patients in an open two way flow of communication.

Meeting bi-monthly to discuss:

  • Whats happening at this practice
  • Whats happening in the NHS
  • Local heath service issues affecting local patients
  • Services to be commissioned
  • Developing and running patient surveys

The PPG will only work well if patients communicate with us. We already have ideas but need your input!  Please contact reception if you wish a member to contact you.

Who we are

Currently our PPG has 12 volunteer members. We attempt to reflect our local population with members of different genders, ethnicities, ages, abilities, experience and interests; equality is important to us. We are keen to recruit new members, particularly those from under-represented groups: young people (over 16); and those of an ethnic minority. Membership is open to all registered patients and their carers.  One of our Doctors and our Practice Manager are centrally involved in all PPG activities; other medical professionals and Practice staff provide ideas, input, and responses. We are a cohesive team.

By being a member of the PPG you could benefit by:

  • Making a valued contribution to and involvement in our local community;
  • Participation in shared decision making;
  • Taking the opportunity to use and improve inter-personal and other skills;
  • Through our projects, encouraging fellow patients towards healthy life choices;
  • Gaining useful experience for those aiming for a career in health or social care.

If you think you may be interested please enquire at reception or complete the online form.

The aims of the Group

The overall aim is to develop a positive, effective relationship between the Practice and its patients and ensure the Practice remains accountable and responsive to its patients needs.

The group will:

  • Be a critical friend to the Practice. It will undertake activity which is in the best interests of the Practice and its patients.
  • Understand the constraints of the Practice in terms of resources and legislation, and work within these to try to ensure that the practice offers services which meet the needs of their patients.
  • Work on improving communications between the Practice and its patients.
  • Give patients a stronger voice in the way services are planned and run.
  • Provide constructive feedback on Patients needs, concerns, and interests.
  • Communicate information about the community which may affect healthcare.
  • Support the practice in activities promoting good health and preventative medicine.
  • Help the Practice monitor and evaluate the services it delivers by gathering patient opinion and experiences.

Ground rules

  • Meetings are not a forum for individual complaints.
  • Patient confidentiality is of paramount importance. Members of the Group will not discuss their own GP, individual illnesses, conditions or nature of treatment at any of the meetings.
  • Members of the group do not require information about individual patient’s identity, illness, condition, or nature of treatment and should not seek it. If a patient willingly discloses such information in the course of discussions, members should receive this in the strictest confidence.
  • Members of the group are not expected to approach the media without the prior approval of the Practice.
  • The group will advocate open and honest communication.
  • All views are welcome and will be listened to. Silence indicates agreement. Speak up but always go through the chair.
  • Be flexible, listen, ask for help and support each other.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to delivering results as a group.
  • No phones or other disruptions during meetings.
  • We aim to start and finish on time, and will stick to the agenda.

Membership of the Group

We want to hear the voice of as many patients as possible and encourage all of our patients to get involved in some way, even if you are not a frequent visitor to us. We can all work towards developing a better Practice for everyone.

You must be a current registered patient of the Practice to become involved.

Meeting arrangements

The group meets six times a year, normally the third Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm. The duration of the meeting is dependant on the Agenda but is normally about 1 hour.

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 16th September, 2021